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        January 28, 2019
        Data science topped the list of Glassdoor's annual "50 Best Jobs in America"
        WASHINGTON ?Tax payers are getting some clarity now that the government shutdown is over for the time being.
        ATLANTA - Next Sunday's Super Bowl LIII is the first one in which gamblers can place legal sports bets outside of Las Vegas.
        MENLO PARK--Facebook plans to integrate its messaging services on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. While all three will remain stand-alone apps, at a much deeper level they will be linked so messages can travel between the different services.
        MOUNT SAN GORGONIO ?(INT) ?The icy snow-covered trails in the higher reaches of the San Bernardino Mountains have claimed the life of a hiker.
        INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) ?Two political figures who cast a major footprint on the region have died.
        LOMA LINDA ?(INT) - Fallout from California’s plastic bag ban has taken on a new concern.
        INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) - Volunteers are fanning out across the Inland Empire to conduct their annual survey of the region’s homeless.
        INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) ?So-called ‘Forever?stamps for ‘snail mail?have become more pricey.
        RIVERSIDE ?(INT) ?Indictments against eight people accused of operating an international conspiracy to defraud the California workers?compensation system.
        INLAND EMPIRE - (INT) - After a stormy, damp start to 2019, California’s highly changeable weather is turning toward the dry side.
        ONTARIO ?(INT) ?A final count has shown that more than 5.1 million airline passengers moved through Ontario International Airport (ONT) in 2018.
        INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) ?January is turning out to be the region’s wettest month in two years.
        INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) ?Surplus government food will be given out this month.
        SOUTHLAND - (INT) - January is winding down on a dry, warm note. But, the opening of February could be a different story.
        HOLLYWOOD - “Glass?easily maintains its Box Office superiority holding off newcomers.
        PARIS ?Michel Legrand, three-time Oscar winner and composer, has died.
        SACRAMENTO ?(INT) - Predicted deliveries of water along the State Water Project this year are increasing, but not much.
        SACRAMENTO ?(INT) - California is taking first-of-its-kind legal action against a city for standing in the way of affordable housing production.
        SOUTHLAND ?(INT) ?The average price of gasoline is moving up.
        SACRAMENTO--For more than a year, lawyers representing wildfire survivors have been suing PG&E over the Tubbs Fire, at the time the deadliest in California history.
        WASHINGTON--This probably won't come as much of a surprise to motorists who take to the roads in the Golden State.
        SOUTHLAND - (INT) ?Climatologist are backing down on their outlook for an El Nino this winter.
        SACRAMENTO ?(INT) ?An initial check of the winter snowpack in the Sierra Nevada is positive.
        Weekend vehicle accidents in widely separated desert areas of the Inland Empire have claimed three lives. One occurred Sunday on Interstate 10 near the Cactus City Rest Area in Riverside County. A man from Redlands was killed. Earlier Saturday, single vehicle mishaps on I-40 near Essex and on I-15 near Baker killed the drivers. (INT)

        A wildfire Saturday started in two places in the Santa Ana Riverbottom between Riverside and Jurupa Valley. It took firefighters 4-hours to mop-up the 3-acre fire. There was no immediate cause. (INT)

        LA Metro’s Board of Directors voted Thursday for the Gold Line Foothill extension from La Verne to Pomona. Backers are proposing to eventually connect the light rail project to the Ontario International Airport. (INT)

        Three companies have paid $1.4 million to the California Air Resources Board for failing to comply with the state’s consumer products clean air regulations. The companies are Kraft Heinz Foods Co., Mothers Polishes, Waxes, Cleaners Inc. of Huntington Beach, and CRC Industries Inc. All three were selling cleaning products in California that violated air quality regulations. (INT)

        The AQMD is handing out more than $47 million to 26 businesses, organizations, universities, government agencies and utility companies to help them purchase and upgrade their equipment with cleaner and energy efficient technologies. Much of the funding will be directed at environmental justice communities that are close to industrial areas and are some of the hardest hit by air pollution. The projects are located in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles counties. (INT)

        An autopsy may help identify and determine what caused the death of a man whose body was found Friday on the shore of Lake Elsinore. The individual was lying face down in shallow water near the Seaport Launch Area. The identity of the 56-year-old man was not immediately released. (INT)

        A pedestrian who’d been walking in traffic lanes on the 91 freeway in Riverside has died after being stunned by a California Highway Patrol officer’s Taser. The officer confronted Leroy Stephenson Thursday on the westbound 91 at Adams Street. Stephenson was brought down when he ran toward oncoming traffic. The Riverside man died after being taken to Parkview Community Hospital. (INT)

        The emphasis was elevating Riverside when Mayor Rusty Bailey delivered the annual State of the City address Thursday. Bailey called for sustaining the strong local economy, building more attainable housing and reducing the incidence of homelessness through partnerships with non-profits and faith-based organizations. (INT)

        Governor Newsom has proclaimed “the beginning of the end of juvenile imprisonment as we know it.? The governor was at a youth correctional facility in Stockton Tuesday to propose sweeping reforms of the juvenile justice system. Newsom’s budget also includes more than $100 million for screenings for adverse childhood experiences and early childhood trauma, and developmental screenings -- early interventions that, he says, will help keep kids out of the criminal justice system. (INT)


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